HTML JavaScript and CSS Cheat Sheets

Programmers who use many programming languages often forget even the most common syntax they use every day. To be honest, I don't remember exactly how to write a for loop because it's always easier to look up on W3 Schools or on Stack Overflow the exact code. It just takes a quick Google search and there will be no error for sure. I'm glad to present today the new Cheat Sheet for web developers which has a separate page for HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Online Windows XP simulator prank

April Fools' Day is approaching and you might need some new ideas of how to prank your friends. A classic office prank is when someone takes a screenshot of the others desktop and opens the image full screen, making the other believe that his computer is frozen. The only downside of this prank is that people quickly realize what's going on and they close the window.
In this article I want to present a more effective way of a similar prank where people can actually interact with the screenshot.
Geek Prank is an online old Windows XP simulator people can interact with, making the scenario more real, not like a simple frozen image.

Free online Word Doc to HTML converter, the new WordOff

We'd like to introduce a new free online tool which can be used to convert not only the Microsoft Word documents but any other rich text document to a syntactically valid HTML code. Use this tool for Google docs, Excel, PDF or anything you can imagine. The site is hosted on and it's definitely worth using every time to avoid the huge mess the Word editor adds every time to our markup.

Word to HTML converter

The Most Ugly Website On The Net Listing Bad Web Design Practices

In the first blog article of the New Year we'd like to present a funny topic, the ugliest website of the Internet. The creators of want to raise awareness for all the bad web practices we can find on so many websites.

HTML G - The best online HTML Editor Toolkit

Nowadays you don't have to know HTML code editing, even if you are a blogger or you publish web articles regularly because almost every CMS has its own built-in editor interface which does the work for you. You rely on your composer and never check the code behind your website, however you should do.

The new HTML Editor

How to convert HTML tables to structured DIV elements

This short video explains how to convert HTML tables to divs. Find out how we used tables in web design to position sections on the webpage and how we used it to layout whole websites.
Learn why are tables outdated and why should they be replaced by DIVs and how.

The Best Online HTML Editor

The best free online WYSIWYG HTML code editor you can find today is hosted by This is the most user-friendly web-based code creator to compose website content without downloading any application. All you need is a web browser and you can start using this rich text editor without registration or paying any subscription fees.