Free online Word Doc to HTML converter, the new WordOff

We'd like to introduce a new free online tool which can be used to convert not only the Microsoft Word documents but any other rich text document to a syntactically valid HTML code. Use this tool for Google docs, Excel, PDF or anything you can imagine. The site is hosted on and it's definitely worth using every time to avoid the huge mess the Word editor adds every time to our markup.

Some of you might remember WordOff, which was a very popular online Word HTML cleaner but unfortunately this has been discontinued and that gave birth to this new website which has many more features, still having a clean user interface. The biggest difference is the word editor, the syntax highlighting, and the customizable cleaning options.

We can switch between the visual and the source editors every time we feel that the other interface gives more comfort to make the adjustments.
It's not necessary to convert a document to HTML because we can use this tool even if we want to edit the markup code. In this case first we have to activate the second tab and paste the content there. We will be able to preview the progress any time we want, switching to the visual box.

This is definitely a very safe way to compose the code for a WordPress, Joomla or any CMS which don't have such a well designed article composer.

If you still are not satisfied with WordHTML you can go ahead and use the HTML Cleaner - Word to clean HTML which is also a great alternative to compose an immaculate source code.

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