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A short video about the importance of cleaning the HTML code

We have put together a short film about the bad practices of online publishing and why you should always clean your HTML code before publishing.

New feature: Lorem ipsum generator

The HTML Cleaner has got a new feature. From now on you can create gibberish text with the new Lorem ipsum generator with a few simple clicks.

The widely known text, usually beginning with "Lorem ipsum" is the most used standard text in printing industry to fill pages with text. It has been used to demonstrate font styles or page layouts from the 16th century, and it remained popular in the era of the internet. Web designers use this to fill web templates to demonstrate how the layout will look when the content will be added.

Convert pdf to html

Converting PDF files to HTML code is often a very time consuming activity if you want to make it right. Portable Document Format (PDF) files have a fixed layout which is meant to display documents the same regardless of software or hardware environment. However the HyperText Markup Language (HTML) in most cases describes a content which mihgt look different on several devices.

In the era of mobile internet we often want to display a simplified web page on the mobile devices compared to the desktop view with the same HTML source code. That's the main reason why showing a static document is not the best practice.

In some cases you might want to publish a PDF file online. In this case you could just simply add a download link pointing to the document.

The html code cleaner tool helps you convert your pdf files. Select the content of the source document you want to copy and paste it in the WYSIWYG editor of the website. Then you can set up the socument and use the generated HTML code t…