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HTML G - The best online HTML Editor Toolkit

Nowadays you don't have to know HTML code editing, even if you are a blogger or you publish web articles regularly because almost every CMS has its own built-in editor interface which does the work for you. You rely on your composer and never check the code behind your website, however you should do.

The new HTML Editor

How to convert HTML tables to structured DIV elements

This short video explains how to convert HTML tables to divs. Find out how we used tables in web design to position sections on the webpage and how we used it to layout whole websites.
Learn why are tables outdated and why should they be replaced by DIVs and how.

The Best Online HTML Editor

The best free online WYSIWYG HTML code editor you can find today is hosted by This is the most user-friendly web-based code creator to compose website content without downloading any application. All you need is a web browser and you can start using this rich text editor without registration or paying any subscription fees.

Online HTML editor

Let me present the witch of the HTML editing. A website recently lauched featuring an online HTML editor. We highly recommend using this amazing online tool because it makes web content editing a piece of cake.
Despite its amazing features it's completely free and there's no need to register either. Just open it in your web browser and start composing your text. When you visit the site for the very first time it populates the editor with a demo text which allows you to try all features of the online tool.
Click the HTML Editor witch to visit the site.

Website launch checklist

You need to be cautious launching a fresh website, especially when you replace an existing site with high traffic. Regardless if you are using a staging site or not the goal is to avoid or minimize downtime and to make sure you didn't forget anything. For this I have put together a list I always check when a website goes live. Some of these you can only execute when the site has already gone live:

HTML HEAD tag checklist

Here is a checklist for you to make sure you didn't forget anything from the <head> section of your webpage. However this part can be omitted in HTML5, search engine optimisation and new technologies require some of these. The example below helps you notice if you have missed something.

New HTML Cleaner upgrade

I am glad to notify that the newest version of the HTML-Cleaner has just been released. We managed to include all suggestions coming from our users.

Online Case converter tool added to the website

I am glad to announce that a new feature has been added to the HTML Cleaner website, namely the Case Converter tool. It has many useful options to help people easily convert their documents to the desired uppercase/lowercase versions.
The screenshot below enlists all the features I could come up with:

 Just a mouse click and the whole text transforms.
There is a word and character counter and an Undo button added as well to make it more user-friendly. Please let me know if I missed something!

More updates coming soon for the HTML Cleaner!