The Best Online HTML Editor

The best free online WYSIWYG HTML code editor you can find today is hosted by This is the most user-friendly web-based code creator to compose website content without downloading any application. All you need is a web browser and you can start using this rich text editor without registration or paying any subscription fees.

All its features have been adjusted to the needs of regular web publishers who always face the same difficulties every time they want to compose content for the websites they maintain. The most common problem is that their clients often send the content they want to publish in a Microsoft Word document, a PDF, Google docs, or any other rich text document. The conversion of these documents is very sluggish without a proper conversion tool.
You can't just save the document as an HTML document because you end up with many inline styles and custom classes you don't want to publish. Obviously you need to clean your HTML code and you want to be able to set up your own cleaning preferences according to your needs. You can decide whether or not you want to get rid of inline styles, classes, comments, spans, spaces, empty tags etc. The editor has other useful features that can be very handy especially because you can find them all in one tool. One of the main features is the HTML table to div conversion tool, the lorem-ipsum generator, the find and replace tool and many more.

Using the online HTML editor is very intuitive. The clean user interface features two text areas. The one on the left is a visual Wysiwyg editor using the TinyMCE platform. This is where you have to paste Word documents and this is where you can preview your article while you're working on the code. The second text area on the left is the source editor with syntax highlighting which is using the CodeMirror engine. Whichever you edit, the changes are reflected in the other editor instantly.

We consider this free HTML editor a very powerful online tool which should be recommended to every web publisher regardless of their proficiency in coding.

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