The Most Ugly Website On The Net Listing Bad Web Design Practices

In the first blog article of the New Year we'd like to present a funny topic, the ugliest website of the Internet. The creators of want to raise awareness for all the bad web practices we can find on so many websites.

On the default home page of the site we can see a very ugly user interface listing many contraindicated web design techniques, such as:

  • A repeating dark seamless background image
  • Distracting animated GIFs
  • Overuse of gradient and shadow
  • Marquee tool in the header
  • Onpage music player (which fortunately is not set to start playing automatically)
  • Many useless widgets which have nothing to do with the themes of the site - Joke of the day, visitor counter, analog clock, weather widget, we can play Tetris game in the footer of the website and a pair of eyes is following our mouse cursor all the time.
  • Unfinished sections of the pages are marked with under construction banners.
  • Unsupported web widget is asking to install an extension in order to be able to play it.
  • The site is asking us to use Internet Explorer 7 for the best user experience.
  • A list of ambiguous ad banners are listed in the upper section of the page.
  • Unsolvable CAPTCHA image: when we want to subscribe to the newsletter the site is asking us to solve a difficult math equation.
  • Click here and Download now links are in the sidebar.
and the list goes on. Check out the website to see all for yourself: Bad HTML

The website is listing a few interesting articles which might be a good reading for both web designers and their customers. There's are articles about the basic concepts of web development, web validators HTML editors and about the bad HTML, CSS, file routines.

The blinking and flashing bad HTML design might become disturbing after a while so make sure to switch to the pretty design in order to eliminate them.

Have fun on the site!

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