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Word to Clean HTML

If you have already saved a Microsoft Word document as an .html file and checked the source code with a plain text editor then you might know how many unwanted code is added to the file. A lot of comments, spans, classes, ids, inline styles which would affect the quality of your web page. The same happens when you copy-paste the content from a Microsoft Word document into an online WYSIWYG editor. It gets filled with dirty code you must clean it before publishing.

The onile HTML Code cleaner will help you tidy up you messy code with custom cleaning options. For this just copy the content of your .doc file into the visual editor of our online tool and press the Clean HTML button after you set the cleaning preferences. Some of these are set by default when you fire up the application.

As you give the cleaning command you can see the visual editor and the source code being changed. When you're satisfied with the quality of the source code, go ahead and copy the source code and publish…

HTML Cleaner features

Let's have a look at the main features the online HTML Cleaner program is offering:
Remove tag attributes - all styles, classes and other tag attributes will be removedRemove inline styles - Strip everything written in the style="..." tag attributeRemove classes and ID's - Clear all alien classes and ids added by Microsoft Word or a different source websiteRemove all HTML tags - The most proper way of cleaning a HTML document is to remove all tags.Remove successive spaces - Spaces are often used by Word document editors to set gaps or indents. Get rid of them activating this option.Remove empty tags - Empty tags are often unnecessary leftovers you want to removeRemove tags with one    - An other common misuse of Microsoft Word is to set line breaks or page breaks entering empty lines.Remove span tags - Span tags are often used to set inline text styles.Remove images - Get rid of all images from the documentRemove links - Remove all anchor tagsRemove tables -…

HTML Cleaner website launched

After being so popular hosted on the Ruwix website we decided to launch the webiste on a separate domain.

It hasn't got too many visitors at the moment but we expect this to grow and we're going to do our best to make this website the leading HTML code cleaner out there.

For this to happen we'll have to offer a better service than our competitors, and Our advantage is that this website has been built according to the experience and needs of everyday HTML editors. We all used and liked the old website but unfortunately this awesome website has been shut down and we couldn't find one that is fulfilling our needs. This is the reason why we decided to implement our own HTML Cleaner. And if we have built it we let other people use it.

Hope you'll like it and and if you do please share it and help us reach out to other web editors.