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Nowadays you don't have to know HTML code editing, even if you are a blogger or you publish web articles regularly because almost every CMS has its own built-in editor interface which does the work for you. You rely on your composer and never check the code behind your website, however you should do.

You might not know what can be wrong with your code if the website is looking good on your screen. Well too many things you wouldn't even think of, just go ahead and check the messy code of your website. Probably you will see a lot of inline styles which can break the default styles of the design and have other side effects.

Why is important to clean your HTML code?

  • Messy code is hard to edit and to maintain.
  • Untidy source takes up more space and it loads slower.
  • Clean the HTML to inimize the chance of W3C incompatibility and other errors.
  • Search engines appreciate clean code.

The new HTML editor will minimize the time spent on HTML editing. Watch the video below to see all the new features introduced:

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