New HTML Cleaner upgrade

I am glad to notify that the newest version of the HTML-Cleaner has just been released. We managed to include all suggestions coming from our users.

The major improvements and adjustments are the following:
  1. Optionally you can include the Twitter Bootstrap CSS in the visual editor.
  2. The Remove tag attributes option is leaving the src attributes of the images and the href attributes of the anchor tags. There are separate cleaning options to remove images and links.
  3. The application remembers your cleaning preferences and doesn't reset them when you reload the page.
  4. I have increased the limit and from now on you can clean documents containing up to 75000 characters.
  5. The site has got a new Demo text which helps newbies experiment with the site.
  6. The site adds occasionally a footnote to the processed documents containing a link to the HTML Cleaner. Please leave this in the document to support our website.
That's all for today, if you have any other suggestion just let me know.

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